Editorial: Special Session

Editorial: Special Session

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Here we are the end of the legislative session or at least the end of the Regular Session. Thirty Days stretched out over three months and it seems we are no closer to a responsible budget than on March 3rd when this whole thing started.

So now they talk about a special session and some time to discuss the issues and come up with solutions to Alabama's budget woes. What were the last three months for?

A special session is a burden on the state and the tax payers. Estimates put the cost of a special session at $400,000. This is money that this state obviously does not have. Consider this, the legislature should cover the cost of the special session by declining some of their salary.

The legislature is the body that chose to not give priority to the General Fund Budget during the regular session and those decisions are costing tax payers money the state does not have.

So legislature you are on overtime, but the taxpayers should not have to cover the cost because you let them down. As one of those taxpayers all I can do is remember this session when it comes time for me to vote.

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