Editorial: Feedback - Tax or cut spending

Editorial: Feedback - Tax or cut spending

In response to my editorial suggesting that Alabama legislators need to raise taxes in order to pay for needed state programs, we got these comments:

Brad said:

"There should always be a great reluctance for a legislature to raise taxes. It is the easy way out of problems created by out of control spending."

Jenny wrote:

"Cut taxes! Stop spending money on things that are wasteful. If you spent what you already get wisely, we would not need another tax hike!"

Sharon commented:

"People who say cut taxes must not like paved roads, public schools or fire departments. How do you think all public services are funded?"

Michael said:

"Raise taxes on the 1%. They can afford it and their lives won't change in the slightest. Cut these services and all of our lives will be affected negatively. Quit being afraid of the rich."

Robert wrote:

"Raise taxes. All taxes. Don't spare any special interest group. It has to be done. Just do it."

And Donna chimed in:

"No, no, and no. Lottery, lottery, and lottery! Good grief!"

As always, we welcome your comments.

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