Exploring Alabama - Fitzgerald Museum

Think of Montgomery and you conjure up images of the civil war, civil rights, maybe politics. Few folks know the connection between Montgomery and one of America 's most celebrated writers...F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda who grew up here.

But, Julian McPhillips and his wife Leslie work daily to try and change that. They founded and operate the world's only Fitzgerald museum.

Scott - an erudite Princeton grad from Minnesota met the love of his life Zelda Sayre - a rambunctious teenaged daughter of a local judge when Scott was stationed at Camp Sheridan during world war one. After an on-again off-again courtship, they married in New York . When Zelda was expecting their first and only child Scottie, they moved back to Montgomery and lived for a short time in this house on Felder...which is now the museum.

Julian McPhillips said, "We are amazed at the number of people who say they come to Montgomery for no other reason than to see the Fitzgerald museum." McPhillips admits Scott and Zelda weren't role models...but they were creative and innovative.

"Zelda, I think especially an inspiration for people with mental health problems," said McPhillips "that she could do so many things...she could write books, she could paint all these paintings...she could dance. Of course, F. Scott could paint pictures with words like nobody else. I mean, 'The Great Gatsby' is the number two most widely read book in all the world."

The McPhillips' say they are dedicated to preserving Montgomery 's connection to this little slice of literary history. So, if you have a little spare time and a yen to brush up on your local literary history, check out the museum.

It's worth a visit.