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February 11, 6:30pm

Lawsuits Filed Against Lyman Ward Military Academy

A series of lawsuits alleging mental physical abuse have been filed by parents against Lyman Ward Military Academy in Camp Hill.

The parents of at least seven cadets, some as young as ten years old, say their children were tormented by older peers at the all-male military boarding school. Attorney Will "Trip" Walton who filed the parents' suits says older cadets and some staff members subjected at least seven former cadets to physical, mental or verbal abuse while enrolled at the academy in 2002. Walton says the adults either condoned the abuse or failed to stop it.

Officials at the academy did not respond to requests for comment on the suits, but their lawyer contends that the suits are unfounded. Attorney Thomas Radney says any abuse that might have occurred was probably typical schoolyard brawling. Radney added that if academy officials found out about cadet-on-cadet abuse, they would have responded appropriately.

Courtesy: Alabama Associated Press

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