Editorial: Charleston

Editorial: Charleston

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The shooting in Charleston last week was horrific and beyond tragic. It is another reminder that evil lives among us. Now as a culture we are left to discuss and debate the cause of this tragic event. I am a firm believer that a young man named Dylan Roof is the cause of the tragedy, and that those that were close to him and admittedly saw the signs and the warnings should have made authorities aware.

To blame this on a gun or a flag for that matter is placing the blame in the wrong place. I am on record as being very much against gun control and although the Confederate Flag is a complicated issue that has been debated for years it was not the cause of the deaths in Charleston.

The deaths were caused by a young man who for months told anyone who would listen what he planned to do. None of those people, his family or friends did anything to get him help or to alert authorities of his rants and threats against innocent people.

If we can learn anything out of this horrible tragedy hopefully it is that we have to pay attention to those around us. Pay attention to repeated behavior that is threatening or promotes harm on others. Alert someone that can help the individual and do your part to help those that could be in harms way.

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