Editorial: Feedback - Charleston

Editorial: Feedback - Charleston

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Last week I stated my opinion that a gun or a flag was not the cause of the horrific racially motivated killings in a Charleston church, but that the gunman and those that knew what he was capable of were to blame. Here are a few of the many comments that editorial received.

Wanda said: The hate has to stop somewhere! Why not here and now! Set examples and let the past go!

Rhonda said: Its about Southern pride. NOT white pride. Get over it and fly our rebel flag.

Sarita sent in this response: The act of violence brought attention to the flag and what it stands for to many hate groups. No one is tearing down Southern heritage. Drape it across your house for all I care. It simply doesn't need to be flying high over the government of the peoples' buildings.

Jim commented: The media and politicians were quick to assign the blame onto guns and the flag (to the point that that's all they've talked about instead of the families). Want to know why? They all want gun control and to get rid of anything to do with Southern history.

Gabriel had this thought provoking comment: The Confederate flag represents your “Southern Heritage” right? You do realize that the heritage, culture, and society of the South would not even EXIST without slave labor and oppression.

Lastly, and obviously my favorite, Todd wrote: This editorial was obviously written with facts and common sense. A rare skill in the media today.

Thank you to all that wrote in to voice their opinion.  As always we welcome your post or email.

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