Safety After the Storm

  1. Remain calm!
  2. Deal with immediate problems such as protecting yourself and others first, then attend to those who are injured until professional help arrives.
  3. Locate your emergency supply kit with essential documents and materials for taking care of yourself and others.
  4. Do not light matches or turn on electrical switches if you suspect damage to your home or business. Also, avoid using candles. While inexpensive, candles are open flames that can start fires.
  5. Carefully check for damage around your home or business. Trees and tree limbs may be weakened and could fall unexpectedly, so use caution when walking through areas where high wind or tornadoes have passed through. STAY AWAY FROM DOWNED POWERLINES. Do not attempt to touch or move them. Keep children and pets away from downed power lines. Report downed wires to your local power company. If you smell gas or suspect a leak, turn off the main gas valve, open windows, and get everyone out of the structure quickly.
  6. Clean up or rope off dangerous areas.
  7. Be sure not to forget about caring for pets after a disaster has occurred.