Proposal for State Employee raise could pit them against Teachers

MONTGOMERY, Ala.(AP)_ A Republican legislator plans to introduce a bill to give state employees a four percent pay raise if the money is available. The proposal could put new pressure on lawmakers to use education money to help out the General Fund.

The measure by state Representative Jay Love of Montgomery also could put state employees and teachers at odds.

Love says the bill could be filed as early as today. He says it would give state employees the pay raise if the money is available in the General Fund.

The possibility of a pay raise would also be contingent on the Legislature approving a plan by Governor Bob Riley to transfer some state programs from the General Fund to the education budget. The transfer would provide about $70 million for the cash-strapped General Fund.

Democratic Party leaders in the Legislature have objected to Riley's plan. They say it would take money away from classrooms.

Alabama Education Association President Paul Hubbert has proposed a seven percent pay raise for teachers. He says Love's bill is an attempt to pit teachers against state employees.

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