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Editorial: Viewer feedback on gambling

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Last week I did an editorial on gambling, the lottery and their place in solving the budget woes that are upon the state of Alabama.
The topic, as expected, generated a lot of feedback. Here are a few of those responses:

  • Paul: Louisiana legalized gambling in the 1990's. Today the state has serious financial issues. Even if Alabama legalizes more gambling and gains some revenue it only helps if the state does not turn right around and spend it all. 
  • Dorothy: First of all we are gambling in the state of Alabama. The Indians want to monopolize gaming which is a disgrace, so please give the citizens of Macon County their jobs back.
  • Luther: The Governor ran on the platform that he would let the people vote on gambling, now he is against it. Let the people vote is what I say.

There were many other responses and the vast majority were for the lottery and reformed gambling to come to a statewide vote. We want to thank each of you for your responses to this polarizing topic.

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