Editorial: Stand up to crime

Editorial: Stand up to crime

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - This week marks the 31st anniversary of National Night Out, an annual community building campaign that promotes law enforcement and community partnerships. It is a great way get to know your neighbors and to put a focus on helping law enforcement to stop crime in your neighborhood.

Authorities work hard to keep us safe, but there has to be a community effort too.

Just recently the Montgomery Police Department sponsored a seminar for young people called "Lets Talk; Don't Shoot with the design of helping young people find peaceful resolutions to disagreements. Efforts such as these are key to helping change the culture of, "if it didn't happen to me then it's none of my business".

Crime on our streets and in our neighborhoods is ALL of our business. It is up to the people living in each neighborhood to band together and say "not here, not now, not ever".

Although we do feel better when law enforcement is available, crime problems in our cities and towns - no matter how big or small - will not be solved by more police.

Crime issues must be solved by more community involvement. If you are already involved, hats off to you. If not, this is your call to action.  Be sure to be part of the solution and take a stand against crime. Otherwise, you just may be part of the problem. 

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