Editorial: Another special session

Editorial: Another special session

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - As this special session winds down and our tax dollars continue to flow down the drain, our legislators are already saying that they need MORE time and another session.

As a taxpayer, I am floored by the lack of ANYTHING and I MEAN ANYTHING of substance coming from our legislators.

The special session started on July 13. Legislators complained and said that they needed time to meet and discuss issues so they promptly recessed for three weeks to do that. What were they doing during the regular session?

This week they came back together to do nothing really. This week the House passed a budget that is in NO WAY a workable budget, cutting $156 million from Medicaid as well as cutting other state agencies by around 5.5 percent.

All of these agencies are working at well below standards NOW and all need a revenue boost not a cut. This is not new information to anyone in the legislature.

Interesting options like reallocating the "use tax" have been discussed but not acted on. Why not, and why wasn't this idea floated during the regular session?

In the end, we elect our legislators to run our state and do what is best for all of Alabama.

They have failed taxpayers and the entire state.

Unless we have a miracle, another special session is coming, meaning taxpayers are on the hook for about $800,000, money the state doesn't have, all because legislators failed to do their job in the regular session.

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