Editorial: Viewer feedback on Legislature's failure

Editorial: Viewer feedback on Legislature's failure

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Last week's editorial on the lack of any progress from the current legislative special session produced a huge response. The responses unanimously state that the legislators are not accomplishing what they are elected to accomplish. Here are a few of those comments.

Roger was quick to get to his point he said: "Is there no way to force a recall and fire all of these folks?"

Wanda was also brief with her comment: "Cut their pay out completely till they do their jobs. Then you would see them do something."

Fran is all for structure: "I believe that our state Senate and House of Representatives should be made to first balance the budget before any of their special projects are introduced. It's a proven fact that they aren't interested in working in a timely manner."

Sandra's comments get to the heart of the matter: "They won't get re-elected if they raise taxes. This for me is a good argument for term limits."

As always I have saved my favorite for last.

Doug writes: "For once in a VERY RARE instance I have to agree with you WSFA."

Doug, I am happy that we can agree once in a while. I won't tell anyone if you don't. Thank you all for the comments.

Unfortunately it looks like we will be talking about this more in the near future. 

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