Howard Dean trades Barbs with former Pentagon adviser Richard Perle at Debate

PORTLAND, Ore.(AP)_ Barbs weren't the only thing former Pentagon adviser Richard Perle had to dodge during a debate last night with new Democratic Chairman Howard Dean.

Just after Perle started his comments, a protester shouted "Liar, liar" and tossed a shoe at him.

After the episode, the two debaters made their opposing views on Iraq clear.

Perle was a key architect of the invasion of Iraq, and Dean is among the war's most prominent opponents. Perle once predicted a square in Baghdad would be named in honor of President Bush within a year. He still insists it will happen someday, though he admits not everything has gone as planned.

Dean says there's more to defense than "swaggering around saying you're going to kick Saddam's butt."

Perle shot back that Democrats took a look at themselves and hired a doctor to lead the party back to political health.

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