Editorial: Reporter safety

Editorial: Reporter safety

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - This week two journalists in Roanoke, Virginia at WDBJ-TV were murdered on live television during their morning newscast. This is not the first incident involving journalists being hurt or killed in the United States. Now, eight have died since 1992.

Reporters and photographers know that every day they could end up in situations that place them at some level of risk. However, their dedication pushes them to do their jobs in spite of that, and they do it because they all have a common desire to tell the story and to keep you informed.

These men and women are journalists, telling your stories because they love what they do and love serving their community. There are many times that they are keeping you safe while being in harm's way.

The fact that anyone feels they have the right to hurt any other person astonishes me. To hurt anyone, especially a public servant or a broadcast journalist, who is working to serve you, is even more appalling.

The photographers and reporters here at WSFA 12 News are the very best at what they do. They come to work every day wanting to make a difference. Being safe is a right we should be afforded while doing our jobs or living our lives!

So, when you see a reporter or photographer from WSFA - or any other news outlet - doing their job, remember that they are out there, doing their best to keep us informed and safe.

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