County Road 12: Super Scooper

County Road 12: Super Scooper

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Who's gonna scoop? It's the question many parents ask their kids when they ask for a dog. Well maybe nobody in the family has to. Meet Montgomery resident Ryan Lackey.

"They say if you do something you love you never really work a day in your life," Lackey said. "I never have a bad day."

His job is unusual to say the least. Actually it's a side job on the weekends.

"I'm a pet waste removal professional. When you get to the nuts and bolts of it, yes we scoop poop."

It started a few years ago.

"People ask me why I do this? The number one reason is my son. Number two they (the pets) are always happy to see you."

Lackey's son is now a senior in high school. Paying for college was going to be tough.

"I have Crohn's disease. I've had 47 surgeries and still get treatment at the Montgomery Cancer Center. Financially it was taking a toll."

So this pooper picker upper and his son started this business to help pay for college. Coming up with a name was really fun.

"My first on was the "poop whisperer". My son suggested the crapper trapper."

Eventually they settled on the Doody Squad. They love taking calls from people looking to get the scoop.

"They will say, uh, I want to talk about what, uh, what you do. I will say mam, or sir, you mean the doody? You mean scooping poop? After we get that out of the way and break the ice we are okay."

Sure the name is funny, but he takes his work seriously.

"We walk the yard like we are mowing it. We will walk a lane, take a half step and then walk another lane. We don't miss anything."

He enjoys his work so much he says he will keep doing it once his son is done with college. He loves the dogs and meeting all kinds of folks who love their pets too. Folks that like dealing with everything but "number two".

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