Editorial: I Am Ready For Some Football

Editorial: I Am Ready For Some Football

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Well here we are, the start of another football season in Alabama. Some of you may be excited, but you have done this before.

For me this is a first, and something I have really been eager to experience. I grew up in Texas where football is a way of life. High School football games in Texas have been known to draw crowds well over twenty thousand.

College and Pro football share the weekend and offer great teams and traditions. With all that said, I'm in Alabama now and all eyes and all the energy are placed on college football and, for the most part, on the SEC.

I love college football and I love it mostly because of the weekly spectacle it creates and the loyalty of each school's fan base.

This season I will take in my first SEC games with trips to Alabama, Auburn and most important to me Ole Miss since that will be a chance to see my daughter. I will also make sure to get down to Troy and hope to get to ASU to see a game and a great half time show.

In the end it is all about Alabama and Auburn.

The first question I got when I was introduced to the staff here at WSFA was "Who are you pullin' for?"

It has been a recurring question ever since. I have stuck with "my daughter goes to Ole Miss" for now, but in time I am sure that I will have to pick a side.

I'll try to use this season and my trips to both campuses to hopefully make my decision. Enjoy the season and I hope your team wins them all!

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