Bill aims to pick your pocket at the pump

Bill aims to pick your pocket at the pump

While tax increases to close the general fund budget gap are being proposed, Alabama legislators have now introduced a new bill that would dramatically increase taxes on gasoline and diesel.  None of the gas tax increase would help solve the state's budget woes.

House Bill 28 was introduced in the Alabama Legislature on September the 8th and appears to be on the fast track to passage.  Under this proposal, your gas tax could go as high as 46 cents per gallon.  That is a 155% tax increase.

This proposed tax comes at a time when Alabamians have been enjoying some of the lowest gas and diesel prices in years.  It would also make Alabama's gas tax one of the highest in the Southeast.

Call your Alabama Representative at 334-242-7600 or Alabama Senator at 334-242-7800 and voice your opposition to House Bill 28 prior to the vote.

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