Editorial: Viewer feedback on Legislative Special Session

Editorial: Viewer feedback on Legislative Special Session

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Last week, my editorial addressed the start of the second Special Legislative session.

My challenge to the legislature, don't waste the $800,000 cost of the two special sessions and finally pass a responsible budget.

I will say, three days into the second Special Session, we're off to what seems to be a productive start. New taxes are finally being debated, votes on taxes are being taken and our legislators are finally doing what should have been done in the failed regular legislative session as well as a failed first Special Session.

The 2015 legislative sessions have been a debacle so far, and will arguably go down as one of the worst gatherings since Alabama became a state in 1819.

Citizens are fed up and frustrated. I am sharing two comments that sum up many people's thinking!

Roy says, “They all need to be fired from the top down. Between every one of them, they have not earned a decent week’s wage.”

Harold stands right with Roy, saying, "You know if I don't do my job in the time frame, I have to look for a new job. Why are they any different? I say no pay check until you do your job, and I'm not voting for any of them again. I'm pushing for new faces from top to bottom."

Strong words, we will see how this session ends. Thank all of you for your responses.

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