Editorial: Make a difference

Editorial: Make a difference

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - On Sunday, a coward walked into a Selma church and tried his best to kill HIS infant child and the child's mother. I am not going to  give his name because I don't think it deserves to be said.

I will tell you the names of some of the people that stood up and made a difference. Ernie Campbell saw the gun and alerted everyone in the church.

Bob Carswell along with Mr. Campbell and others jumped into harm's way with bullets flying to subdue the coward and stop him from killing at least two innocent people and probably more.

Ernie and Bob are just ordinary people like you and me – however, these ordinary folks did an extraordinary thing to make a difference.

Recently, in Houston, a law enforcement officer was savagely gunned down while getting gas. Days after this horrific act, a teenager saw another peace officer getting gas – this teen went out of his way and asked if he could stand behind the officer and "have her back".

While not as dramatic, it's another ordinary person making the decision to do an extraordinary thing to help someone else. I have said in the past that as a society we have to stand up and make a difference when it comes to crime in our community.

We also need to spend more time saluting the ordinary heroes and less time talking about the cowards.

If you would like to share more stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things – send me a note!

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