Editorial: “Heavy News”

Editorial: “Heavy News”

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - New numbers are out from the Centers for Disease Control, and they're not good. Alabama is on the heavy side and getting bigger every year.  We like to hold titles here in our state, but this one is one we cannot be proud of.

According to this study, Alabama ranked fifth highest overall for obesity in the nation. Alabama's adult obesity rate is currently 33.5 percent, That's one out of every three adults!

This is not just an adult issue as the last childhood obesity study in Alabama showed an 18.6 percent rate of obesity for children 10 to 17 years old and 17.1 percent for high school students. These statistics highlight bad eating habits and low physical activity trends starting out at a very early age carrying forward into adulthood.

With extra pounds come extra obesity-related health issues.

Alabama ranks 4th in the nation in diabetes and 2nd in hypertension. And here's a staggering estimate: by 2030 Alabama is projected to have close to 1.5 million cases of heart disease, up from 312,000 in 2010.  That would be a 368 percent increase in Alabamians afflicted with a deadly disease driven primarily by bad habits.

These statistics are epidemic in nature so it's time that individuals or friends and family take that first step towards better health.

The state of Alabama in partnership with the Alabama Department of Public Health has developed an obesity task force with a sole focus to address overweight and obesity issues.

To learn more log onto www.adph.org/obesity. Your life and well-being will thank you.

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