Editorial: Viewer response to AL obesity problem

Editorial: Viewer response to AL obesity problem

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Last week I did an editorial on the obesity problem in Alabama. This topic induced some very colorful responses. Here are a few of the ones I could share:

Steve responded with:

"When you live in the state with such a poor education system you can't really expect people to make informed intelligent decisions".

Bob is obviously still upset with the tobacco tax with this comment but stick with it because he has a great point in the end:

"The obesity rate is much higher than the smoking rate but it's the smokers that get taxed to death, treated like second class citizens, and have to pay more for their health insurance. But no… we can't mistreat these folks by saying they need to lose weight. Funny how there were very few overweight people fifty years ago. Fifty years ago we had P.E. in school, we had to work if we wanted to eat, and kids played outside and most people ate most of their meals at the kitchen table as a family".

Jennifer is worried about the government getting involved she asked the question:

"and now the government is gonna try to control what we eat too"?

I will finish with my favorite. Dawn came to the support of the weight challenged with this comment:

"So you think that big people shouldn't be represented? Wait till you are older, on meds that bloat you and are stuck with a not so perfect body anymore. Men get skanky and fat too".

If that was directed at me she obviously does not have an HD television. Thank you again for the responses and have a great week.

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