Editorial: The greatest generation

Editorial: The greatest generation

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - I heard a great speech last Thursday by Tom Brokaw at the event held by Faulkner University. It was a first class event with who I found to be a first class speaker.

Anyone who knows anything about Mr. Brokaw would consider him a little left of center when it comes to politics. Anyone who knows me would consider me on the right side of center.

I went into the event expecting to hear some great stories about his life and his passion, The Greatest Generation, but really not much more. Mr. Brokaw spoke at length and with great passion about his career and the generation of men and women that delivered this country through a World War and out of the great depression. As he pointed out all of the great accomplishments of this generation, a common theme started to emerge. It is a theme that this country, especially our elected officials, have gotten far away from.

Selflessness, the key to the greatest generation, was their ability to find common ground on which they could build relationships and get things accomplished. In this day and age of finding differences to keep us from accomplishing goals and actually congratulating elected officials for not compromising to get to a mutually beneficial resolution, it was good to get a history lesson from Mr. Brokaw.

When we decide to press our elected officials to find common ground, our state and our country might finally be worthy to carry on the legacy of that greatest generation.

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