Editorial: Viewer feedback on highway fatalities

Editorial: Viewer feedback on highway fatalities

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Last week I discussed the amount of traffic fatalities in Alabama in 2015 and my amazement that a high percentage continue to involve people in cars not wearing a seat belt. There were many responses, here were a few.

Hank has a specific plan for one of the more dangerous stretches of Alabama highway. He says "I would like to see a safety zone on 85 between Shorter and Montgomery with strict enforcement of the speed limits and minimum fines of $350."

Pearce has another specific suggestion: "I want roads in Dallas County painted."

Tiffany addresses another big issue that needs to be addressed, "With the amount of people I see texting and driving EVERYDAY I am not surprised, and they are always driving crazy going half the speed limit and suddenly gunning it, swerving back and forth."

Valerie was surprised by how low the number was: "Having seen the way some people drive in Alabama, I'm actually surprised the numbers aren't higher."

As always I leave the best for last. Steve has a tongue in cheek idea to fix the problem all together. "Ban all cars. That's the media and politicians' solutions for so called gun violence, right? Makes about as much sense too."

Thank you Steve and everyone else who took the time to send in their comments.

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