Editorial: Vampire Judge

Editorial: Vampire Judge

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - In the category of "you're never going to believe this" we hear about a Perry County Circuit Judge that gave two options for those not able to afford to pay their court fees. Give Blood or go to jail.

The story made international headlines and he is being labeled the "Vampire Judge" in the U. K. At first glance I have to admit that I thought to myself if you can't pay your fine but you can pay by giving blood then maybe it's a win win for everyone. No one goes to jail and the always short blood supply gets a boost.

I then took a smart step back and figured in the "or go to jail" part as well as the opportunity for all kinds of other issues with the actual blood and came back to my senses. I am not sure what this judge was thinking, but this was obviously a horrible idea.

I do believe that there should be alternatives to paying your fines if you can't afford them. Lord knows we don't need any more people in jail. I would love to see alternatives that would benefit the community and maybe lower the costs of city and county government. Not to mention lower the amount of people in jails that are overcrowded and that we are paying for as tax payers.

Our vampire judge in Perry County was completely wrong with his decision, but it did make for an interesting story, especially so close to Halloween.

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