Editorial: Lure the 'Teacher of the Year' back

Editorial: Lure the 'Teacher of the Year' back

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Ann Marie Corgill is the 2014 Alabama Teacher of the Year and a 2015 National Teacher of the Year finalist and has taught first through sixth graders for 21 years. State Superintendent of Education Dr. Tommy Bice said about her, "She is a shining example of professionalism and dedication…"

Corgill resigned from teaching in the Birmingham City Schools last week after state and Birmingham authorities told her that because her school, Oliver Elementary, is a federal Title I school, she would have to apply for a different certification, pay fees, take two tests, and get approved if she wanted to continue teaching her fifth grade class.

On top of that, Corgill said she was not paid for the first month of teaching until October and has had to deal with creditors and overdrafts because of it.
Can you blame her for resigning?

Bureaucracies such as government run schools, especially when dependent on federal funds, are not the most conducive environments for doing things right. Ann Marie Corgill is a victim of that bureaucracy.

Worse than that, the students who might have benefited from her talents, skills and dedication, now will not, and are also victims.

If she wants to continue to teach, Corgill, with her resume, will find another place to serve.

For the sake of the kids, I hope some public school system in Alabama will do something to lure her back into the classroom.

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