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Research shows dangerous levels of secondhand smoke found in Florence businesses

(Source: Partnership for a Smoke Free Shoals) (Source: Partnership for a Smoke Free Shoals)

Results of an air quality study in the Shoals, show employees in Florence restaurants and bars that allow smoking are exposed to dangerous levels of secondhand smoke.

This study has a local group pushing for a smoke free ordinance.

According to the study from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in New York, the level of pollutants measured in bars and restaurants were higher than the level found in forest fires.
"They're startling, but I wasn't surprised in a way, they were 66 times higher than what the EPA recommends you to breath, that's how harmful it was it's extremely dangerous,” said April Rogers, Partnership for a Smoke Free Shoals.

Rogers says the findings should be a wake-up call for business owners in Florence, who allow smoking in their bars and restaurants.

"For a non-smoker working there and let’s say you work a 6-8 hour shift, that's equivalent to pretty much smoking a pack of cigarettes,”
said Rogers.

The group is concerned about the health risk for employees whether they smoke or not.

"You shouldn't have to pick between getting a paycheck and working somewhere," said Rogers.

Researchers with Roswell Park Cancer institute monitored 12 restaurants, six smoking and six non-smoking.

In addition to pollutants, the study found business to be higher in smoke-free places verses locations where it is permitted.

"We're not anti-smoking, we're anti-smoking in public places, if you want to smoke at home or in your car you do whatever you want to do, but you shouldn't have to push that on other people,” said Rogers.

The group Partnership for a Smoke Free Shoals say they plan to ask the city of Florence for a smoke-free ordinance.

Right now, the city lets the business owners decide if customers can smoke or not.

The ordinance does not allow for designated smoking sections.
The Partnership for a SmokeFree Shoals meets the last Wednesday of every month at 3 p.m. at the Florence Library.

The meetings are open to the public, non-smokers and smokers.

For more information on a Partnership for a Smoke Free Shoals click here

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