The 24 most successful film franchises of all time

The true mark of a successful film is its ability to transcend audiences and the generations that follow. The same can be said for successful film franchises; however, franchises must also thrive on some air of mystery. By slowly unraveling the mystery at hand throughout the film series, a compelling narrative must be cultivated for an audience to be captivated. A franchise's capacity to sustain widespread interest in creative ways is the driving force in its success.

With that said, character-driven franchises with plenty of edge-of-the-seat moments can spur on the production of final chapters, sequels and prequels for years to come. The most recent example is, of course, the newest installment in the James Bond film series — "Spectre." After gracing big screens for over 50 years, Bond's legacy rose to a cult status of its own after amassing over $4 billion in box office revenue since its debut in 1962.

Ultimately, quality storytelling trumps overstated visual effects when it comes to achieving enduring commercial success. Adjusting for inflation, the Pretty Famous team ranked the highest-earning film franchises. Follow along to see 24 of the most successful film franchises to ever grace the big screen, ranked by inflation-adjusted franchise overall gross.

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