A lot of people have them but few use the camera cell phones the way police say D'metri Ray Henderson uses it.  Lt. Huey Thornton, spokesman for the Montgomery Police Department says D'metri Henderson is using his camera cell phone, computer, and blank checks you can get from any office supply store to steal from unsuspecting victims. "He's using a cell phone to photocopy a check that someone's cashing and he's going back and putting these numbers on the bottom of his own checks he's making".  Police say Henderson, known as 'Meach' on the streets, usually gets account number by simply standing in line closely behind people who are either writing or cashing legitimate checks.  "Mr. Henderson from what we can verify has either cashed himself or hired someone to cash somewhere in the area of $26,000.00 worth of checks that he made himself", says Lt. Thornton, adding,  that's just in a two month period.  "He knows that we are looking for him and in the last couple of days he's written new checks that we are aware of, so he definately not planning on stopping until he's caught".  If you recognize 24-year old D'metri Ray Henderson contact crimestoppers at could be eligible for a cash reward.   If you don't recognize his picture, police say you may recognize his vehicle. He drives a 1980's model white Chevrolet Caprice with a Cadillac grill and 20 inch rims.  Police say the car also has 'D'metri' written on one door and 'Meach' on the other.