Editorial: We must keep the pressure on

Editorial: We must keep the pressure on

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The killing and injuring of innocent people last week in Paris is a tragic reminder of the world we live in.

The issues in the Middle East are as old as time, and if anyone is surprised by the escalation, they have not been paying attention. The religious unrest in the Middle East and in other Muslim dominated parts of the world will never end.

I am not saying all Muslim people are terrorist. On the contrary, the huge majority are good law abiding people with tremendous moral values. Many of these solid citizens live and work around us every day.

The United States will always have interests in the Middle East therefore we must always be involved in the constant religious unrest. Our leaders can never take a step back when it comes to fighting terrorism and more importantly fighting it on their ground. Engaging the terrorists in their part of the world will go a long way in keeping them out of our part of the world.

We must strengthen our relationships with allies in the region while ramping up the pressure on those who mean to do us harm. Our policy over the past eight years has been weak at best. The United States must always lead the efforts in the Middle East. France did what a strong military country should do, an immediate and clear response.

Yes, I said France.

Who would have ever thought we would be looking at France as a country to follow. Now it is up to the rest of the Western world to keep that pressure up and to continue to disrupt the Islamic terrorists in their homes in the effort to keep them out of our homes.

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