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Property protection device bombs burglars with pepper spray

Burglar Bomb (Source: WMC Action News 5) Burglar Bomb (Source: WMC Action News 5)
Dale Bourie coughing uncontrollably seconds after abandoning his hunt for the $15,000 ring. (Source: WMC Action News 5) Dale Bourie coughing uncontrollably seconds after abandoning his hunt for the $15,000 ring. (Source: WMC Action News 5)

It's no secret that Andy Wise is a vocal proponent of the use of firearms for personal protection. He's produced countless stories on the subject. He carries and trains with a KAHR K40 semi-automatic and has been a licensed handgun carrier for 12 years.

But not everyone is comfortable with firearms. Also, firearms are a singular component of personal and property protection. Personal protection advocates typically diversify their safety plan with multiple means of securing their person and property.

That is why Andy is considering the Burglar Bomb as another component in his personal protection plan.

The base model, Burglar Bomb AB-2000, costs $78 and can be installed within the entrance of a closet, room, or storage shed. Equipped with a camouflaged trip wire, the Burglar Bomb will release an entire canister of pepper spray into the area when someone trips the wire and breaks the seal.

No waiting on the police. 

No damage to your property.

The Burglar Bomb is such a surprise and it's so debilitating, a burglar will be busting to get out seconds after getting in.

"He just changes his mind about what he's doing--just wants to get out of there," Burglar Bomb inventor and president Jeffrey Fink said.

In a controlled test inside one of the very things the Burglar Bomb claims to protect (a storage shed), we hid a $15,000 engagement ring on loan from Coradini Fine Jewelers in Collierville, Tennessee.

One of our best personal protection sources, martial artist Dale Bourie of USA Karate, played the thief. He broke into the shed, tripped the Burglar Bomb, and frantically searched for the hidden ring.

In 35 seconds, the pepper spray spewing from the Burglar Bomb was so strong, it had the entire news crew coughing outside the shed.

In 50 seconds, Bourie couldn't take it anymore. He gave up on the ring and nearly gave up his lunch!

"I was motivated to get that ring, but after a while, I couldn't take it anymore," Bourie wheezed.

Think about this: Bourie knew there was a Burglar Bomb installed in the shed, and it still forced him out of it in under a minute. Just imagine a burglar breaking in and having no clue about what he just activated.

"He gets hit with something totally unexpected," Fink said. "He doesn't know what it is. He has no idea what it could do to him, doesn't know if it's poisonous or fatal, which it isn't. It's highly concentrated, natural-grade pepper spray. But he doesn't know that. That fear alone can give him second thoughts and want to get out of there immediately."

"I would be concerned how it would affect your pets," USA Karate's Robby Beard said. "How it gets into the actual ventilation of your house, the heat and air units? Will it pull it in and throw it into a nursery, so to speak?"

"You just go outside, and the effects will subside. That's all there is to it," Fink explained.

Sure enough, as Bourie doused the stinging pepper spray from his head and eyes with a garden hose, Beard and I went into the shed 15 minutes after the Burglar Bomb chased Bourie away. The stinging scent was gone.

The Burglar Bomb's trip wire cloaks itself very well, and it can be easily removed. The canister also includes a safety pin to prevent it from being unintentionally activated.

The Burglar Bomb also comes in more expensive and sophisticated models, including the $645 Interceptor. It uses a motion sensor instead of a trip wire. Andy tested it as well, and found that it is very effective.

Find the Burglar Bomb's complete product line here.

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