Health Minute: Holiday exercise benefits

Health Minute: Holiday exercise benefits

The holidays are almost upon us, while it may be fun to pig out, don't give up your workout! Sometimes our busy schedules mean that exercise takes a back seat, but working out is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves and those we love.

If you want to live longer, stay leaner, boost your mood, and keep your mind young, grab your tennis shoes and get moving. Try this weekly exercise prescription from the Cleveland Clinic.

"So there is three things: General physical activity, 10,000 steps a day, 20 minutes three times a week of cardio." Dr. Michael Roizen with the Cleveland Clinic says.

Get 30 minutes of resistance training a week and make that cardio strenuous enough to break a sweat for the whole 20 minutes. It's worth the effort because exercise also decreases the risk for many serious medical conditions

"Decreases heart attacks, decreases arythmias, decreases cancer all throughout your body." Dr. Roizen says. "Almost every cancer is decreased because what exercise does is improve immune function."

Working out not only builds muscles but builds brain. Exercise helps prevent the loss of brain volume as we age and it helps keep our brain circuits young and our thinking sharp. Being physically active can also enrich our golden years.

"Not only do you live longer, but you compress the period of disability so you live healthier, longer." Dr. Roizen says.

Experts add, you're never too old to start exercising.

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