Editorial: Gov. Bentley does what he can to block Syrian refugees

Editorial: Gov. Bentley does what he can to block Syrian refugees

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Are Syrian Refugees our Biggest Concern?

On Monday evening Governor Bentley ordered state agencies to "prevent the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Alabama". He is one of a growing list of Governors to make this statement. Some political scholars say that the Governors have little power to stop refugees based on their nationality. They are right. The one sure way to stop the refugees from entering the country is for the U.S. Congress to deny funding. Even that could be and probably would be vetoed by the President.

Supporters of the President say the vetting process is much stronger than that of regular tourists, the process takes at least 18 months and that only 9% of applicants get through the process. I am not sure how we get 10,000 refugees into the country next year if it takes two years to vet them but the first part of that statement lead me down another path. How strong is our vetting of foreign tourists?

Right now there are 38 countries whose citizens do not need a Visa in order to enter the United States. Countries like France, Germany, Belgium as well as many others. Citizens from those countries can travel in and out of the US with little hold up. This has got to change. Anyone coming into this country must have proper documentation and must be properly vetted.

I applaud Governor Bentley for doing what he thinks is right to keep Alabama safe. I think the bigger issue is strengthening our border security. This week a proposal will be floated in congress to do away with the Visa Free laws. That will be a start in better securing legal entry. Next this country must come up with a stronger illegal immigration policy and it has to happen now.

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