Editorial: Follow up to refugee comments

Editorial: Follow up to refugee comments

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Recently I gave an editorial on the visa-free program and Gov. Robert Bentley's efforts to keep refugees out of Alabama.

There was a mixed bag of remarks on the refugees but what surprised me is that no one commented on the fact that tourists from 38 countries are free to come into the United States without a Visa.

I applauded Governor Bentley's efforts then, and I will again. The efforts are not to keep Syrians out of the country or the state but to make sure that the process of vetting these refugees is sound. In a bipartisan vote, the U.S. House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to do just that. Slow the process down until checks and balances are put in place to make sure every refugee that enters this country is just that a refugee.

Among the comments were claims that to not allow the refugees in was an act of cowardice and that wanting a strong and secure vetting process prior to allowing refugees into the country was actually un-Christian.

My guess is if you polled the people of Paris right now they would be looking for a stronger vetting process. The truth is very few of us know what is going on over there and really what is driving these religious wars against the west and against themselves.

My stance will remain the same. I am in favor of aiding the refugees as much as we can in an area that is safe for them and safe for those administering that aid. If and when a vetting process is determined to be adequate to insure Americans safety I will welcome refugees from that area with open arms.

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