Editorial: Trump has had his time

Editorial: Trump has had his time

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Donald Trump has had his moment, but it is now time for him to step aside. I think Mr. Trump has been a valuable part of the Republican primary, and in the end it will show that his involvement in the process was very important. Trump brought issues to the forefront that had been glossed over for years. He took a stand on immigration and gave his plan to address the millions of illegal immigrants in this country. Mr. Trump forced others to take a stance.

Mr. Trump falls short in many areas that would be required from our President, but we can say that about others. The glaring issue that sets him apart is his blatant disregard for diplomacy. On any given day Mr. Trump has said something that is beyond offensive to others or is in no way the diplomacy that I want coming from the President of the United States.

Recently after a stop in Birmingham he suggested that a protester should be "roughed up". His mocking of a journalist with a disability is on record, and worse, he denies that he knew the man had a disability.

Thank you Mr. Trump for bringing issues to the forefront, and thank you for engaging many in the discussion who have not been engaged before. You have had your time and it is now time to go back to what you do best. Being Donald Trump.

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