Editorial: Trump reaction

Editorial: Trump reaction

This week I gave an editorial stating my belief that Donald Trump should step aside in the race for the Republican nomination.

We received what was easily the largest feedback to date.

To be clear, my reason for wanting Trump out is simple: I want a Republican in the White House.

Donald Trump is playing well today to the right wing of the Republican party, but with every outrageous comment, he continues to push away the middle of the road voter. Obviously there are many Trump supporters in the River Region so I want to make sure I share some of their opinions:

Patsy wrote: Trump will not step aside. He will be the next President of this generation.

Mary Ellen is a supporter of Trump. She said: Donald Trump is not liked because he tells it like it is. We the people are tired of the mess that we have in Government now. So leave the man alone. You just don't want to hear the truth.

Thomas has a strong take: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I for one totally disagree with yours. Donald Trump is not a diplomat like you said and it about time we had someone in office that won't cower down to every country or liberal group out there.

These were only a few of the many passionate comments that we received, and there were some that agreed with my thoughts. As always, I saved my favorite for last.

William questioned my heritage but might want to rethink the comment. He said: WSFA this is the dumbest editorial you have ever had. Your new station manager in not a southerner. More like a New Yorker. I say Trump for President.

Well William, I am a born and raised Texan, which may not be the deep south but it is definitely not New York. I have been to New York though. I've even been in the TRUMP TOWER. Have a great weekend.

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