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Exploring Alabama - Quilting

An exhibit in Troy is attracting regional and national attention. The subject of the exhibition is something our great grandparents took for granted. It was a simple necessity when the weather turned cold.


For Charlotte Gibson and the staff at the Pike Museum...quilting keeps the past alive. “This is a way of educating the public about skills that we've used in the past,” says Gibson. “Skills that we may think are outdated and becoming scarce...but they're not."

Some of the 125 quilts on display tell romantic stories. Ms. Gibson smiles when she talks about one particular quilt that is more than 100 years old. “It was made in Germany ,” she says. “It was a wedding quilt. The girl was 15 and brought it to the United States when she came to meet her husband who lived here."

Other quilts remember our southern heritage. “There's one quilt that we have that has stitched into the design itself the names of Civil War veterans, says Ms. Gibson. “And it has their badges from reunions after the war between the states was ended."

There are literally dozens of unique quilts, each carefully handcrafted by women and children…and even some men who find the “community” aspect of quilting rewarding. Gibson says, regardless of the style, the materials or the designs, it's still at matter of folks sitting down together around a quilting frame...and working together to create a gift from the heart. “It’s still a gift from yourself and that doesn't go out of style,” says the museum director.

You can check out a warm and cozy example of a practical art form at the Pike Museum …it’s just north of Troy on U.S. 231. The exhibit runs through the end of March.

You’ll leave with a nice, warm feeling – regardless of the temperature outside.

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