Editorial: Takeaways from the California terrorist attack

Editorial: Takeaways from the California terrorist attack

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The tragic event in San Bernardino, California is another chilling reminder that we are in the middle of a war unlike any we have ever seen.

We may never know what triggered the attack on the Inland Regional Center, but we do know that they were prepared to commit a terrorist act in the United States.

I have paid close attention to the discussions in the aftermath of the tragedy. In the midst of all the coverage, a couple of things stood out to me.

First, members of the Muslim community in the United States publically denounced the acts. This may have happened before, but I have not seen it. I believe this is a very positive step and I hope to see more.

Second, the Visa screening issue was brought to a new level. This woman was vetted and allowed a Visa into this country. As they dive deeper into the investigation, they are seeing that there were red flags.

Several, including more than one Presidential candidate, went as far as to suggest a halt to all Visa's from that part of the World until the vetting process can be examined. That will be a tricky debate.

The third thing that I heard was a renewal of the gun control debate. Both sides of the argument run to their favorite examples of why we need it or why it doesn't work.

I have said more than once that I am a gun owner. I am not ok with not being able to own guns. I even believe in the right to lawfully carry a gun. I would listen though to a real strategy for the reduction of assault rifles. I want to hear the goals of the reduction though. I don't want to hear "it will make us safer." I want to hear the plan and the goals of that plan. How does this help in three years, 10 years and even 20 years?

I have never had the desire to own an assault rifle or a magazine that holds thirty rounds. I honestly do not understand the attraction. What I do believe, in this political climate of nothing good could ever come from meeting in the middle is that I would rather have the right to buy an assault rifle as opposed to me not being able to buy another type of gun that becomes the next target of the no guns crowd.

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