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Some classic toys are getting a high tech twist

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Internet connections and companion apps allow kids to have an interactive experience at play time.
"What you're seeing this year is a lot of classic toy concepts whether it's slot car racing or remote control vehicles sort of updated
to use apps in addition to the physical toys themselves," said Dan Ackerman of CNET.
“Lego Dimensions” takes play time to a whole new dimension combining the real world toys with the digital world of a video game.

Wi-Fi enabled dolls like "Hello Barbie" and "My Friend Cayla" are also made to be interactive.
The Crayola Animation Studio allows kids to make their own animated movie with a jointed mannequin and tablet software.
"That's how they used to do stop motion animation in movies going back 70, 80 years. That's how they did King Kong," said Ackerman.

Puzzles get an upgrade with “Laser Maze”, a beam-bending logic game.
And when it comes to cars, “Anki Overdrive” puts the pedal to the metal!
The "My Friend Cayla" doll sells for about 60 dollars and "Hello Barbie" is 75 dollars.

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