Crimestoppers-Hammer Thief - Montgomery Alabama news.

Crimestoppers-Hammer Thief

Ron Brethawer, one of theowners of Chameleon Hardware located at 7600 Atlanta Highway in Montgomery, says if it wasn't for the video surveillance tape he wouldn't believe how a man managed to steal hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise from his store. "My heart sunk, my heart sunk I was so fast my eyes....", says Brethawer as he searched for words to describe how he felt when he realized someone boldly stole from his store on opening day back on March 2nd.

Lt. Huey Thornton with the Montgomery Police Department describes the items taken, "This male actually came in and stuffed 4 large hammers, 10 carbine saw blades, and two tape measures inside his pants and walked out of the store." Brethawer says from watching the surveillance tape the guy looks like a pro. He finds what he's looking for and starts stuffing the saw blades into his pants... And a few seconds later the heavy hammers two at a time, then the two measuring tapes. "He had to have specially made some interior lining on his pants. You saw the hammer especially how long they are...but when he walked out you could not tell he had anything." The unidentified thief came into the store with another man. Brewthawer says several of his employees spoke to the men, but had no idea of what they were up to until an employee noticed all the hammers missing. A check of the inventory revealed they had not been sold. That's when store owners decided to take a look back at surveillance video.

The thief is described as a heavy set man in his 30's. He was wearing a black hat, black pants, and a black t-shirt. If you recognize him call Crimestoppers at 215-STOP. You could earn a cash reward for your anonymous tip.

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