Sweet Young'Uns celebrate 50 years

Sweet Young'Uns celebrate 50 years

ALEXANDER CITY, AL (WSFA) - Sweet sounds for 50 years and counting; That's the story of the Sweet Young'Uns.

"Back in 1966 we were all kind of in between bands and some mutual friends got us together," said band member Larry Hoyle.

That's how it began; The original three had no idea they'd still be playing together in the same band half a century later.

"The first time we played together was in Eclectic," said band member Ron Howard. "The first time we used the name Sweet Young'Uns we were in Alex City. We were originally started out as the Bootleggers, but parents didn't want to send their kids to see Bootleggers."
Over the years the classic rock/country band grew. They now have seven members. Most of the guys have been there over 40 years. You always hear the stories about bands breaking up and going their separate ways, so how have they made it this long?

"It's more of a friend thing than a music thing," said band member John Long Jr. "We used to say we're going to be doing this in our 60's," said Craig Young. "Well it happened."

"One song says, the young girls like the boys in the band, and that was part of it," said original member Johnny Hassett.

Sometimes it seems like they can read each other's minds.

"I normally call out the songs," Hassett said. "Half of the time I call out a song and Larry had that same song on his mind as well. It's like we think of the same song at the same time."

They've played for the governor, traveled to a private event in Chicago, and pretty much hit every stage in the Southeast. As a way to celebrate 50 years they are going to bring in New Year's Eve and help a local charity.

The group will be at the Alex City Elks Lodge Dec. 31. They should hit the stage around 8:30 p.m. and rock us into the new year. Tickets are $40 and money raised will help support Camp ASCCA. That's a special camp for kids with disabilities.

We have a link to the Sweet Young'Uns website where you can get more information on tickets and more on the band.

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