Montgomery City Council Considers Annexing East Montgomery Land - Montgomery Alabama news.

Montgomery City Council Considers Annexing East Montgomery Land

Could another land feud be brewing between Montgomery and Pike Road? You'll remember not long ago the city was upset with Pike Road for, as the city put it, sliding legislation in that annexed portions of land into Pike Road. Now several thousand acres of land to the east, including the Heart of downtown Pike Road could become part of the city of Montgomery.

The Montgomery City council is considering annexing almost 6,000 acres of land in East Montgomery County. It will effect 26 landowners along Vaughan, Flowers, Meriweather, and Old Pike Road. All 26 landowners have petitioned the city to become part of Montgomery.

Councilman Jim Spear says this annexation is important to Montgomery because it continues the eastward growth the Pike Road annexation cut off. 

Pike Road Mayor Gordon Stone told WSFA 12 News he would have liked to have sat down with those land owners and talked before the annexation.  However, he says he respects the right of landowners to chose which city they want to live.

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