Editorial: Maxwell Gunter is not a home for immigrant children

Editorial: Maxwell Gunter is not a home for immigrant children

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - This week Rep. Martha Roby (R-Dist 2) and Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Dist 3) let us know that the federal government was looking at Maxwell Air Force Base as a possible option to house illegal immigrant children as they await hearings on extradition.

First, I want to applaud both representatives for standing up to this ridiculous request. No military base is a good fit to house children on a short or long term basis. Maxwell is not just a base, it is a teaching base where the best officers in the world come to train to keep us safe. We do not need to take their eye off the ball in any way.

The Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice and Rep. Terry Sewell (D-Dist 7) see it differently. They believe we should take in the children with open arms and do our part as humanitarians. They even go as far as to say that we need to support these children until they can be reunited with their families or reunite them with "U.S.-based relatives". Their families sent them here.

U.S.-based relatives mean illegal immigrants are already in the country. I understand that there is a humanitarian aspect to this situation, but the immigration issue as a whole is not being addressed by the federal government. Illegal Immigration could be the single largest issue that faces our country today. It effects everything, welfare, Medicaid, national security, jobs, and I could go on.

Once these kids are here, we foot the bill. I sound like a non-caring, unChristian jerk, I am sure. What I am is a 50-year-old man who has lived around the illegal immigration issue all of my life. I am all for legal immigration. I even think we have to make it easier for law abiding citizens from neighboring countries to be able to come here and work, doing the jobs that can't or won't be done by Americans.

It is not a simple process, but taxes could be collected and even some form of payment to help with medical issues. With a system, we can better manage who and how many immigrants are here.

So, again, I applaud Reps. Roby and Rogers for understanding the bigger picture by standing up to an overreaching federal government and keeping the well-being of the River Region forefront in their minds.

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