Steroid Hearing Lineup

The Committee will hear testimony from the following witnesses:

Panel One

The Honorable Jim Bunning, United States Senator (Kentucky) and member of the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame

Panel Two

Mr. Raymond and Dr. Denise Garibaldi, Parents of former USC baseball player, Rob Garibaldi, who committed suicide after steroid use

Mr. Donald Hooton, Sr., Director, Chairman, and President of Taylor Hooton Foundation, and father of high school baseball player, Taylor Hooton, who committed suicide after steroid use

Dr. Nora D. Volkow, Director, National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health

Dr. Gary I. Wadler, Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine, New York University School of Medicine

Dr. Kirk Brower, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, University of Michigan Medical School, and Executive Director, Chelsea Arbor Addiction Treatment Center

Dr. Eliot J. Pellman, Medical Advisor to Major League Baseball

Panel Three

Jose Canseco - former Oakland Athletic and Texas Ranger

Mark McGwire - former Oakland Athletic and St. Louis Cardinal

Rafael Palmeiro - current Baltimore Oriole and former Texas Ranger

Curt Schilling - current Boston Red Sox

Sammy Sosa - current Baltimore Oriole and former Chicago Cub

Frank Thomas - current Chicago White Sox

Panel Four

Commissioner Allan H. Selig, Major League Baseball
Accompanied by: Robert D. Manfred, Jr., Executive Vice President Labor and Human Resources, Major League Baseball

Don Fehr, Executive Director and General Counsel, Major League Baseball Players Association

Sandy Alderson, Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations, Major League Baseball and former General Manager, Oakland Athletics

Kevin Towers, General Manger, San Diego Padres