Hall of Fame Pitcher Bunning Says Take Records Away

Senator and Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Bunning appeared before the House Government Reform Committee's hearing on steroids in baseball and said some owners and players are threatening the "integrity of baseball...by selfish actions of a few."

Bunning said players' records should be "wiped out" ( for the period of steroid use) if the players are found to be using steroids. He went on to say during short questioning "take them(records) away. They(players) don't deserve them... Go ask Henry Aaron, the Maris family...if they would like their records compared(to those players found to be using steroids)."

Bunning said the penalties had to be stiff to have any effect. "Make the penalty such that if you're caught, you're out of the game."

He said many of today's players do not understand "it's not their game, it's ours...They're getting to enjoy the privilege of playing it for a short time." The former pitcher said players had to realize "like it or not, they are role models."

The Hall of Famer said owners at least for a decade have been complicit in the use of steroids by players. Owners have "turned their heads." He said owners built smaller stadiums and suddenly the ball was "flying further...Why did it happen?"

The senator said that when he was playing players got worse as they got older not better. "We all got worse. " He said Aaron, Mays, and Williams didn't "put on 40 pounds...didn't hit more home runs in their late 30s then they did in their mid '20s."

"What's happening in baseball now is not natural, and it isn't right," Bunning said.