Editorial: Feedback on immigrant children at Maxwell

Editorial: Feedback on immigrant children at Maxwell

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Last week, I gave an editorial discussing the idea of using Maxwell Air Force Base as a place to house illegal immigrant children arriving at our Mexican border until extradition hearings are done. The topic received a lot of comments, both for and against the idea.

In the editorial, I expressed that Representative Terry Sewell was in favor of taking in the children. A statement from her office was sent so that her stance would be clear, and I want to make sure that I represent her views fairly.

Here is her statement:

This is a humanitarian crisis and I believe we have a moral obligation to protect and treat unaccompanied children with care and compassion. Should Maxwell Air Force Base be selected as a site, we as Alabamians, as we have always done, must rise to the call of duty and follow the law.

Here are a few other remarks.

Doris is representative of many with her comments:

The parents of these children need to take care of them. We have too many that need homes here in the U.S. We have Veterans and homeless people that need a place to live.

Donna echo's that remark:

These children should be given to the country of their citizenship. Let that country decide if the irresponsible parents sending them to the US alone should get them back. We have children, Veterans, and seniors needing care.

Donny questions who is making the decision:

What part of Federal land escapes you? It isn't yours to decide who comes or goes.

Thank you all for your responses. I am positive we will hear more about the illegal immigration issues in this Presidential political year.

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