Editorial: Distraction

Editorial: Distraction

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - This week a statement was released by the Alabama Republican Party Steering Committee detailing a passed resolution dated Sunday, Jan. 10 calling upon Alabama Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard to "suspend his leadership position."

This Steering Committee, a 21-member Republican committee, is the main governing body of the Alabama Republican Party.

They meet once each quarter to help define the direction of the party while also preserving and promoting the values of the Republican Party.

This committee and GOP Chairman Terry Lathan are now both on the record with their feelings that given Hubbard's current legal situation and the demands of the upcoming trial it is the party's and state's best interest if Hubbard wasn't in his current position as speaker.

It's important to note that Hubbard should be presumed innocent until such a time that any of the 23 counts brought against him prove him to be guilty.

That being said, I'm in support of Hubbard stepping aside until this case is behind him. From a personal standpoint, it would allow him to focus his full energies on clearing his name of all charges.

If that doesn't happen, then staying in power is a moot point anyway. It would also allow our legislative body to govern without the spectacle of the Alabama Speaker of the House going through a trial which would definitely serve as a distraction to all.

The legislature has much to accomplish in 2016. Hubbard should do the right thing and put the needs of the state in front of his own needs and step aside as speaker of the house.

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