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'Petulant,' 'worrying' in GOP debate spur definition searches

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's worrying over the petulant president sent a lot of people definition hunting online. (Source: CNN) New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's worrying over the petulant president sent a lot of people definition hunting online. (Source: CNN)

(RNN) - If you're "worried" about the influence of "lobbyists" on our government "personnel," you're not alone.

Following Thursday night's Republican debate, Dictionary.com analyzed word searches related to the debate.

Among those words were "worry," "lobbyist" and "personnel." "Nominate" also trended, which is good since the primary process exists solely "to propose someone for appointment or election to an office" - the President of the United States in this case.

Never mind that such a basic understanding of the political process probably shouldn't have needed to be looked up by most voters. You wouldn't want to get irritated over such a trifling (unimportant or trivial, by the way) annoyance, because you don't want to be "petulant" - another word that trended.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie can be thanked for that one after referring to President Barack Obama as a "petulant child." Christie himself also got a little petulant, decrying the bickering between fellow candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz - both senators - as proof of unproductive debates in Congress and their lack of experience in making decisions, unlike a governor such as himself.

Christie can be credited for "worried" too, because he said it four times, meaning he is either concerned or anxious - perhaps both.

Cruz joined Christie and Ohio Gov. John Kasich in making "lobbyists" - those who try to influence legislation on behalf of a special interest - a trending topic.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush was responsible for "steady" - firmly placed or fixed; stable in position - saying the next president should be "someone with a steady hand." A tad ironic perhaps, considering his unsteady (fluctuating or wavering) poll numbers.

"Durable" trended as a quote from Obama's State of the Union address on Tuesday when cited by a moderator, and despite the seeming obviousness of its definition, "creators" trended, too.

Kasich got that one on the board while advocating tax cuts to help "a person or thing that creates" jobs.

Not trending was anything related to front-runner Donald Trump despite his standout moment invoking the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, to defend the attack Cruz lobbed against his "New York values."

That trended in a different way when Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton, a former senator from New York, tweeted that he was right.

Perhaps "bipartisan" will soon be trending too.

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