Editorial: Tim Tebow

Editorial: Tim Tebow

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - I was very fortunate last week to be able to attend a fundraiser put on by the Cancer Wellness Foundation. Tim Tebow was the guest speaker and he delivered a very inspiring message.

The message was pointed and clear. Our focus and value is often misplaced. His example was simple, Tim Tebow at a cancer event instead of the people that the event is for, those battling cancer. Sure Tim Tebow is the draw, I get that but in the end the light should be squarely on those battling cancer.

He got that, but most of us didn't until he brought it up. I am as guilty as anyone. I am a cancer survivor and my focus was on seeing him speak and not what the event was meant to do.

I had to keep reminding myself of his age. Tim is only 28-years-old. His message is a message that my 23-year-old and 18-year-old remind us of from time to time. This generation is about taking care of each other and paying attention to what is real as much as what is not real.

Technology has made the world much smaller, and information is instant. They care more about everything, some good, some not, but they pay attention and they care.

My generation as a whole was not nearly as in-tune with others, and I think the world has suffered for that.

The more this generation matures and begins to put their stamp on the world, the better I am feeling about our future.

Thank you to the Cancer Wellness Foundation for what you do for those in need and thank you for bringing in a great young speaker.

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