Editorial: Montgomery Internet Exchange

Editorial: Montgomery Internet Exchange

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Big news came out of the City of Montgomery last week with the announcement that Montgomery will have an internet exchange. What the heck is an internet exchange? To be honest, I had to ask my IT guy the same question!

In layman's terms it means faster internet connections. In economic terms it means money and growth.

Montgomery is the only city in Alabama, and one of only four in the Southeast with an exchange. The Cyber Connection will give Montgomery a leg up when tech businesses are looking at cities for startup or expansion.

It will link Alabama universities in research collaboration and support the new Air University Cyber College mission to strengthen national defense. It makes Montgomery very relevant in the tech world.

The servers for the exchange are all housed in the RSA Data Center in downtown Montgomery, and Dr. David Bronner calls it the fourth leg on Alabama's economic stool.

Big changes are happening in Montgomery, and the Cyber Connection will expand those opportunities in new directions.

The Montgomery Chamber of Commerce had a big role in making this a reality, and they will play an even larger role in using the exchange to lure business to Montgomery. They have already proven that we are in good hands. City officials, the RSA, and others also need to be commended.

Montgomery is moving forward, and over the next eighteen months the downtown landscape will change and become a vibrant community. I am excited to see it all come to fruition. I hope you are as well.

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