Editorial: The races just got a little more interesting

Editorial: The races just got a little more interesting

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Monday Iowa caucused, and the results on both sides of the aisle could cause a major shift in the races.

Bernie Sanders' finish in Iowa, coupled with what most say will be a convincing win in New Hampshire, has made the Democratic race just that, a race. Senator Sanders has already begun to pick up campaign funds and the strong showing in Iowa will strengthen that war chest.

On the Republican side Mr. Trump's decision to not participate in a Fox News debate could have cost him the win. More important was Senator Rubio's finish, just one point behind Mr. Trump and in shouting distance of Senator Cruz. New Hampshire should bring good news for some that did not do well in Iowa, and by this time next week the Republican race could be wide open.

You may be thinking "Why should I care what goes on in Iowa or New Hampshire?" The signs are leading to March 1 being a very important primary date for both parties. It looks like the SEC primary, as it is now being called, could be what separates the candidates.  By moving our primary date up to March 1 Alabama could have a real say on each party's political candidate for President. I realize the process has been droning on for months, but now it is time to start paying attention.

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